3 Pinterest Mistakes You Might Be Making and What to Do Instead

Are you a small business owner spending hours and hours on Pinterest trying to make a sale or grow your email list but nothing is happening? 

No matter how many hours you spend, you will only fall short of growing your Pinterest account if you are continuing to make these 3 common Pinterest mistakes. 

Don’t fret, you definitely are not alone on this one. I’ve worked with dozens of female entrepreneurs who have made these Pinterest mistakes time and time again but on the bright side, once you fix them, you will reap the benefits of the time you are putting in. 

Let’s dive into what those common Pinterest mistakes are and what you should do instead.

Forgetting to Add Keywords in All the Right Places 

Pinterest is a visual search engine meaning in order for your content to be found, you have to be on top of your SEO game. If you neglect to use keywords in all the right places then you are dropping the ball big time! Let me explain…

When a user comes to Pinterest, they type in a word or phrase into the search bar in hopes of being served a solution to their problem. 

For example, if I type in “how to start baby led weaning” all of a sudden all sorts of pins populate in my feed. 

If you are a business owner that creates content about baby led weaning, you definitely want to make sure you do some in depth research behind what people are searching for. Some might search “baby led weaning” while others might search “baby led feeding.”

For every pin you create, you need to use keywords in the pin title, pin description, and text overlay. 

In addition, to those places, you also want to make sure your profile is optimized with keywords as well. These include your display name & bio and board titles & descriptions.

My recommendation to you is to spend a few days doing extensive keyword research. Create a document you can refer to often. 

If you want to learn more about keywords, you can also check out this blog post, Pinterest Keywords for Beginners: What are they and how to find them?

Creating Ugly Pins

Remember when I told you above that Pinterest is a visual search engine? Well we already went over the search engine part where you need to make sure you are using keywords in all the right places, but now we need to go over the visual part. Visual in this case means creating pins that are visually appealing. 

After I typed in “how to start baby led weaning,” I was served a ton of pins. I scrolled through for a second until I clicked on a pin that jumped out at me. Whoever was behind the pin did a really amazing job at designing it. 

So what is it that jumps out at users? It is a combination of things. First, you need to use a compelling text overlay. Intrigue your audience or answer a question to a problem. Second, use easy to read text. If your font is too small, someone is going to scroll right past. If your font is busy, same thing. Less is more in this case. Third, use colors that stand out. It is important to use your brand colors but sometimes going off the norm is okay. 

Creating ugly pins is a Pinterest mistake I see far too often. I recommend taking some time to scroll through Pinterest and see what pops out to you. Use that for inspiration. 


Neglecting Idea Pins

If you still haven’t jumped on the idea pin train, NOW is the time. Pinterest is a fan of them so you need to be as well. 

Idea pins are similar to Instagram reels. They are a series of slides that are meant to inspire, educate and teach your audience. 

They are one more way to help your ideal audience enter your world. They not only boost engagement but they also boost your reach. 

My recommendation is to create 1 idea pin a week and see how it goes. I have a feeling you will be surprised by what they do for your account. 

Have you made any of these Pinterest mistakes? If you have and now you’re wondering if you are making any additional Pinterest mistakes that might be negatively affecting your Pinterest marketing efforts, schedule a free discovery call today! 

Happy Pinning!