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6 Places You Should Be Using Keywords on Pinterest

You’re on Pinterest, you’re pinning all the time, you’re doing all the things but NOTHING! So what’s up with that?

I am so thrilled to hear that you are on Pinterest but unless you are doing all of the RIGHT things, you aren’t going to see the growth you are hoping for. 

Keywords is the answer to your success on Pinterest. Without them, your account is going to flop just like a fish out of water. 

There are 7 places you should be using keywords on Pinterest to attract your ideal client.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the words or phrases people are searching for. When a user lands on Pinterest, they type a word, or group of words into the search bar. 

Pinterest is a search engine meaning that in order for your pins to be found you have to rank in search. 

Keywords is the way to do this. 

Head over to this post Pinterest Keywords for Beginners: What are they and how to find them? to learn more about the basics (but after you finish reading this one because this is GOOD stuff). 

Where do I put my keywords?

After you have spent all this time doing your keyword research, it is time to put this into action. There are 6 places you should be using keywords. 

Your Profile 

The first place you need to use keywords is your profile. You want to add keywords to your display name and title. 

For your display name, you want to give your name + what you do. You have very limited characters so you will only be able to fit in one key word. 

For your profile bio, you want to target 2-3 keywords. Clearly identify what your account is all about and who you serve. 

Pinterest profile and bio

You can see here that I have my first name plus “digital marketing” for my display name. Pinterest wouldn’t allow me to use the term “Pinterest” in my so I had to go the digital marketing route but that’s beside the point. 

In my description, I clearly describe what my content will be about and who I serve. Notice how I included 3 keywords in my description.

Board Titles 

The second place you are going to want to use keywords is on your board titles. You want to make it very clear what your content will be about. 

Do NOT use cute names like “snuggle up baby” instead be very direct and use a keyword phrase such as “baby sleep tips.”

You can have 1-2 brand boards as well where you will exclusively pin your content. 

Board Descriptions

This is where you will tell your audience and the lovely Pinterest algorithm what your content will be all about for each board. You are allowed to use 500 characters for each description and by all means please utilize that entire real estate. 

Whatever you do, do NOT keyword stuff. This looks super spammy and Pinterest may even suspend your account. Write your descriptions as if you are talking to a human being. 

Pin Titles

When you are writing your pin titles, make sure to use at least one keyword phrase. Again, do not make it cute and fluffy, make it clear and use keywords. People love how to titles, listicle titles, and secrets revealed titles. 

If you are making multiple pins for one piece of content, which you should, you will want to vary your titles from one pin to the next. 

Pin Descriptions

This is another super important spot to add those keywords. Again, you get 500 characters so use it up!! 

Just like with board descriptions, don’t get all spammy on me. Write the descriptions using sentences. My goal is to always hit at least 5 keywords for each description. 

Text Overlay

For every pin you design, you can include text overlay that tells your audience what your pin is all about. “5 ways to…” “How to get_____to _______” “The first step to _____” are all examples of text overlays you can use on pins. 

Use at least one keyword on your text overlay and vary them pin to pin that link back to the same URL. 

In some cases, you might now use text overlay such as if you’re a photographer or interior designer. 

There you have it; all of the places you should be using keywords. Remember Pinterest is a search engine so without these keywords you’re going to be that fish out of water. 

If you’re looking for someone to take your Pinterest account off your hands, I’m your girl! You can check out all of my services here! 

Happy pinning,