How To Become a Pinterest Manager

You went to college, landed your ‘dream’ job, only to find out a few years in that it is nothing close to the dream you were hoping for. Does this sound like you?

This was me as well! I had a college degree plus my masters in elementary education and I just wasn’t happy anymore, so I decided to start looking for creative ways to leave the classroom. 

This is where my journey began and I want to share it with all of you. In this post, I share how I got started as a Pinterest manager and what my day to day looks like. 

Disclaimer-This post does contain affiliate links which means I earn a small commission when you purchase from the links provided at no additional cost to you. 

My Journey to Becoming a Pinterest Manager

My journey to become a Pinterest manager actually started with my journey to become a virtual assistant. After spending days and days searching for a way to work from home, I discovered the world of becoming a virtual assistant. 

I ended up taking Micala Quinn’s OTO course and immediately niched down to social media management because at the time Pinterest just seemed way too scary. 

OTO gave me all of the resources I needed to set up my business, figure out how to find clients, and learn all about the world of entrepreneurship. I know I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for OTO as it helped me to lay down all of the necessary foundations I needed to run my own business. 

If you want to learn more about Micala and OTO, you can check out her course, here

After only a month of being a social media manager, I started to explore the idea of Pinterest management as well. After learning as much as I could from YouTube, I took on my first client and let me tell you, that was a huge learning experience. 

How To Learn About Pinterest 

As mentioned, I spent hours and hours learning everything and anything I could about Pinterest on YouTube when I first got started. 

Heather Farris, who has since become one of my mentors, has some amazing YouTube Videos She is also the course creator of Pin Profit Plan and Pin Profit Academy which I have taken and absolutely love. 

To be honest, I have taken 10 Pinterest courses…yes 10!! And I am in 3 memberships. I have learned something new from each one along the way. Some were also not so great so I’ll spare you on those.

One of the bigger investments I have made and one of the best to date is Meagan Williamson’s Pin Potential membership. This girl gives away more content than I could have ever imagined. I will probably be in this membership forever because it’s that good. 

What Does a Pinterest Manager Do?

There are so many things I do on a daily basis but overall the main things I do include:

  • Creating pins
  • Creating idea pins (this is something new(ish)
  • Scheduling pins
  • Performing keyword research as I write pin titles and descriptions
  • Managing accounts
  • Analyzing data using Pinterest and Google Analytics 

At the end of the month, I share monthly analytics reports with my clients and hop on strategy calls as needed. 

I also offer additional services including VIP days, account setups, audits, strategy calls and coaching for aspiring Pinterest managers and business owners looking to DIY their own Pinterest account.

Favorite Tools as a Pinterest Manager

As a Pinterest manager, there are many tools I use everyday in my business. Some have taken more time to learn than others but they all allow me to work as efficiently as possible. I recommend checking out the following: 

  • Canva-where I create all of my pin images
  • ClickUp-how I keep track and organize all of my clients pins
  • Pinterest-of course!
  • Google Analytics-where I track client analytics
  • Tailwind-my favorite tool for scheduling pins (Life saver app)
  • Dubsado-tool for onboarding, invoicing, emails, and more

These are my absolute favorite tools as a Pinterest strategist and I learned how to use most of them from YouTube. Dubsado was by far the hardest one to learn and to be honest, it’s not really necessary if you’re just starting out. 

If you are ready to take the next steps to becoming a Pinterest manager, I would love to be your coach. Schedule a free discovery call today to learn more!