How to Clean Up Your Pinterest Account

At least two to three times a year, I do a deep clean of our house. I throw out items that are broken, donate items that are still in good condition but no longer have a use in our home, and organize items that we basically just forgot we owned. 

Over on Pinterest, I do the exact same thing for clients. I do a deep clean of their Pinterest account about two to three times a year to make sure everything is optimized and aligned with Pinterest best practices. 

I could write an entire blog post all about how to deep clean your house but I’ll save that for another day. Today, I want to share how to clean up your Pinterest account so you can continue to bring in high quality leads. 

Profile Clean Up 

The first step to cleaning up your Pinterest account is to make sure your profile is still aligned with your brand and mission. 

It is important to make sure that you are using the same image in your profile picture across all platforms for brand awareness purposes. If you changed your picture on IG recently, make sure to also change it on Pinterest. 

I also like to update my clients bio and description with new keywords that target their ICA’s pain points. Sometimes, it’s as simple as switching out a few keywords; whereas with some clients, I have had to do a complete overhaul of their profile description based on new offerings or pivots in their business. 

Why you should clean up Pinterest boards

Organize and Optimize Boards 

The next stop on our Pinterest clean up journey is organizing and optimizing our boards. 

Take a look at your board titles and board descriptions to make sure they are still keyword rich. Oftentimes, I find that my clients’ boards just need a little facelift with some new keywords here and there. Some keywords that you were able to rank for months ago might not be serving you so take the time to do a little keyword research to make sure the words you are using are up to date.

This is also the time I like to evaluate boards to see what boards are still serving us or not and possibly add in some new boards if needed. For example, maybe you’re a food blogger that has decided to start writing about Keto recipes. This is the perfect time to add in one or two boards that will allow you to house all of these new pins. 

Update Keyword List

Pinterest is a search and discovery platform meaning people come to Pinterest searching for solutions to their problems. When they land on Pinterest, they typically type a word or phrase into the search bar and then Pinterest serves them a bunch of pins that they feel are relevant to the user. 

In order to be that pin that is considered relevant to the user, you have to be using the right keywords. If you want to learn more about keywords and where to use them, head over to this post “Pinterest Keywords for Beginners”

The best thing you can do is create a keyword bank using Google Sheets or some project management tool and update it during your cleanup sessions. Sometimes certain keywords might not be relevant any longer or new keywords arise. For example, athleisure all of a sudden became a huge keyword at one point and this past year, distance learning was a huge keyword. Again, you want to make sure you are using keywords that people are actually searching for on the platform. Try using the Pinterest trends tool to make sure you are using the best keywords.

So there you have it; the three main ways to clean up your Pinterest account. Don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of time on this, but if you can do it 2-3 times per year for about a half hour of time, you will reap the benefits and be so glad you did. 

Don’t have time to keep up with Pinterest best practices or implement a strategy of your own? Schedule a free discovery call today to see how we can partner together to strategically grow your email list and increase website traffic with the power of Pinterest.