How to Create Viral Pinterest Images

Are you looking to grow your email list and increase website traffic but feel like all of your social media efforts are falling flat?

Pinterest is the secret sauce you have been searching for! 

Unlike social media, pinners use the platform to search for solutions to their problems. They aren’t on Pinterest just to laugh at your funny pictures and enjoy your crazy reels like they do on IG. Instead, they are looking for ideas, inspiration, and solutions. 

Pinners are searching for the best banana bread recipes, toddler activities for rainy days, and holistic ways to get rid of ants in their homes. 

So how does Pinterest work?Pinterest is a visual search engine meaning in order for your content to be found, you have to make sure you are creating scroll stopping pin images (visual) and using keywords in all the right places (search engine). 

Today, I want to break down the visual part. If you want to learn more about keywords and how to use them you can head to this blog. 

Here are 8 tips for creating viral Pinterest images! 

Use a Graphic Design Program 

In order to create clickable pins, you want to make sure you are creating high quality pin images. The best way to do this is to use a graphic design program like Canva. 

I love Canva not only because it is super user friendly but it also has a library of stock images and videos that are easy to add to any pin. 

I also love Canva because you can add all of your branding right in the platform; logos, text, and colors. This makes it easy on you and on your team if you have one. 

Create Multiple Pins For Each Piece of Content

I highly recommend creating multiple pins for each piece of content you create. For example, after you write a blog, head over to canva and create 5+ pin images for the same URL. 

Now the key to this is making sure each pin image and text overlay is different. By doing so, you have a better chance of attracting different eyes. One person may be attracted to one pin design; whereas someone else may click on a different pin design that is more enticing to them. 

You can embed those pins as your images right into your blog or you can just have them to upload to Pinterest. I always recommend having at least one clickable pin embedded within your blog for easy sharing. 

Include a CTA

Having a strong CTA on your pin will actually trick the pinner into clicking. If they see what looks like a button on their pin that says “buy now” they will actually click right on that button that really just leads to your product. 

Not only do you want to use CTAs for product pins but you also want to use them on optins, blogs, YouTube videos and more. Basically any piece of content can use a CTA. For optins, I love to use something like “download the guide” or “grab your free download.” I mean who doesn’t love see the word “free.”

Use High Quality Images 

When it comes to creating viral Pinterest pins, it is important that you are using high quality images. 

I always recommend that businesses invest in brand photos and professional product photos as that’s what will really make your brand stand out. If you do not have the budget quite yet for professional photos, the next best thing is to invest in low budget stock photo membership. 

Although I love Canva’s stock photos, they are used way too often. By subscribing to a stock photo membership, you are less likely to see those same photos over and over again on Pinterest. 

Use the Correct Size 

Using the correct ratio for pin images is super important. At the time of writing this blog, Pinterest recommends pin images to be 2:3 ratio (1000 x1500 pixels) for standard pins. If you are creating idea pins, you will want to create pins that are 1080 x 1920 pixels. 

If you want to learn more about the correct sizing, head over to the Pinterest best practices page to learn more.

Easy to Read Text Overlay

You only get a second of time to catch your ICAs eye, so you want to make sure that your pin is easy to read with a catchy text overlay. 

It’s best to use script fonts sparingly as these types of fonts are super tricky to read, especially on mobile.You can use them, but go for accent words. 

I also recommend creating catching titles. Think about magazine articles that make you stop and read. Instead of “Lose Weight Today,” you might want to try “How to Lose 5 lbs in less than 45 Days.” The second pin title is way more enticing than the first. They both include how to lose weight as a keyword but the second will likely be the one someone clicks on.  


Include Your Logo or Website 

Using your logo or website on every pin is a best practice Pinterest recommends and I continue to recommend due to increasing that brand awareness. 97% of searches are unbranded, but helping pinners to learn who you are will help them recognize your brand over time. 

You don’t want your brand or logo to take over the pin. Make it subtle, but make sure it’s noticeable. 

Use Brand Colors and Fonts

Using your brand colors and brand fonts is just like using your logo/website. Overtime, the goal is to help build that brand awareness. 

Now I will say, I have worked with two clients in the past that have had brand colors that really just didn’t work for Pinterest. They were dull and their pins were simply getting lost in the feed. 

In this case, I recommend creating a color palette specific for Pinterest. If you’re using Canva, you can add this palette to your brand board and simply label it “Pinterest.” This way you still have the brand awareness but just a different color scheme. 

The other time I recommend branching out from your brand colors is during the holidays. If you’re creating a pin all about Halloween crafts, play into Halloween colors. It would look super strange if your brand colors were a bunch of different pinks and blushes and you had a Halloween pin with those colors. 

Bonus Tip-Use Templates

My last and final tip for creating viral Pinterest images is to use templates. Templates allow you to easily switch out text overlays and images while saving you hours of time. 

I like to create 5-7 pin templates for my clients and then switch them out based on analytics and what is resonating with their audience. Usually every few months, I add in a new template or two to keep things fresh. 

So there you have it! These are the 8 tips for creating Viral Pinterest Images that actually get clicks to your content. 

If you are looking to learn more about Pinterest through a strategy call or VIP day, schedule a free discovery call now!