How To Grow Your Pinterest Account Organically

Are you ready to grow your email list, generate quality leads and drive traffic to your website? Pinterest marketing is the answer for you! 

Pinterest has grown exponentially over the past year! At the time of writing this blog, Pinterest has over 460 million users which means bloggers and businesses are missing out if they are leveraging Pinterest for business. 

In this post, I share all about to grow your Pinterest Account organically. 

Optimize Your Account 

In order to have pins rank in search, you have to first make sure you have taken the time to optimize your account. This includes setting up a business account, claiming your website, and setting up all of your board titles and description using keywords. 

If you are feeling lost on what this looks like or how to get started, you can grab my Beginners Guide To Pinterest where you will learn how to setup your Pinterest account in 7 easy steps. 

Keyword Research to Target Your Ideal Customer

When someone comes to Pinterest, they type something into the search bar to solve a problem they have. Let’s say I have no idea what to cook for dinner so I head to Pinterest and type in “healthy dinner recipes.” All of a sudden my feed is flooded with healthy dinner recipe ideas. My problem is solved. 

The reason this happened is due to relevant keywords. Whoever made those pins did their keyword research. They knew their ICAs pain points and were able to target those using keywords.

This is why keyword research is SO important on Pinterest. You may think you know what your customer is searching for but I find all too often that that isn’t the case. 

Start by doing some market research on other platforms like IG and Facebook about your ICA’s pain points. Then head over to Pinterest and start searching those same keywords. If they align, great, add them to your keyword bank, if they don’t, keep looking. Whatever you do, don’t just assume. 

Keywords In All The Right Places

So we keep talking about keywords but how the heck do we find them and where do we use them?

I get these questions ALL the time. So often that I have created a blog post for each of these. You can learn more by heading over to:

Pinterest Keywords for Beginners: What are they and how to find them?

6 Places You Should Be Using Keywords on Pinterest

But the short and skinny answer for where to use keywords on Pinterest include: your profile, board titles, board descriptions, pin titles, pin description, and text overlay. 

I like to keep a running keyword research Google Sheets so I can easily add to it as I go. All too often, I find people do their keyword research once and then never go back to it. This is a huge mistake considering user behavior is always changing. 

You can also learn more about keyword research from my friend Heather Farris over on her YouTube channel. 

How to grow your Pinterest account organically

Optimize Your Pinterest Images

Pinterest is a VISUAL search engine after all which means you need to be creating scroll stopping images to draw your ICA in. So what makes the perfect pin?

  • Stock photos or real photos: You want to make sure you are using high quality images. You can absolutely use stock photos but if you are able to take images yourself or hire a photographer to take professional images that’s even better. Quality over quantity on this one. 
  • Size: You want to create pins that have a 2:3 ratio (1,000 x 1,500 px)
  • Text overlay: You want to include text overlay on your pins so people know what your pin is about. Target those pain points. 
  • Colors: Using brand colors can be great but you also want to make sure that they capture your target audience’s attention. Play with colors to see what works and what doesn’t. 
  • Fonts: You want to use fonts that are easy to read. Use script fonts sparingly as it is hard for Pinterest and the user to read. 
  • Strong CTA: Direct the user on what to do next “download now” “grab the guide”

Shout It From The Rooftops

One of my favorite ways to grow your Pinterest account organically is to share it on other platforms. 

You can share your Pinterest account on IG or FB, you can drop the details in your podcast episodes, you can talk about it on your YouTube channel and last but not least, my favorite way is to share it in your emails. Ask your people to interact with a specific pin or give you a follow. 

Install Social Plugins on Your Website

The last way to grow your Pinterest account organically is to make sure you have your social plugins installed. You want to make it as easy as possible for clients to connect with you. 

If they can’t see that you’re on Pinterest when they are on your website, how will they know! 

There you have it, the best way to grow your Pinterest account organically! 

If you need help with your strategy or you are looking to completely hand over your account, schedule a discovery call with me today!