How to Increase Pinterest Traffic and Gain More Clients

So you’ve decided to start marketing your business on Pinterest but now what? You might be asking yourself “How do I increase my Pinterest traffic?” or maybe you’re wondering “How do I get more clients using Pinterest?”

I hear this all the time, so I thought now was the perfect opportunity to dish out a few tips for how to increase Pinterest traffic and gain more clients.

Here are my top 6 tips in no particular order:

Create Content Consistently! 

Pinterest wants fresh content! It’s been almost two years now since Pinterest has publicly shared that they want fresh content vs. recycled pins over and over again. Fresh content meaning new blog posts, new products, new YouTube videos, new Podcasts, and more.

I have found that Pinterest ultimately favors new blog posts from claimed domains. That means you need to create long form content on a regular basis. Long form doesn’t mean a 300 word blog, you really need to add some meat to your blog. Get readers to immerse themselves and beg for more. 

And a quick little tip… be sure to embed an optin within all of your blog posts. After you capture someone with your amazing blog post, hit them with an irresistible freebie. Once they are on your email list that’s where the nurturing magic can happen. 


Do Your Research on Your Ideal Client! 

Do you know your clients’ pain points? Do you know what they are struggling with? People go to Pinterest actively searching for solutions to their problems. In order to meet them where they are at, you have to know their pain points. 

Do a little market research on other social media platforms. Go into Facebook groups and ask market research questions in order to get to know your potential audience more. Hop onto IG and do some polls in your stories. Or even better, search keywords using the Pinterest search bar and see what comes up. Look at your competition, look at what pins are ranking, and see what people need. 

Use the RIGHT Keywords in the RIGHT Places! 

This ties back to the previous point. You not only have to know your ICA’s pain points, but you also have to know what else they are searching for. If you’re a teacher entrepreneur, don’t only share what the product is, share how a teacher can use it (during reader’s workshop, literacy center, morning work, etc.)

Spend some time conducting keyword research using the Pinterest search bar and Pinterest trends tool. 

After you have created a list of keywords, you are going to want to make sure you use those keywords in all the right places including:

  • Profile name & bio
  • Board titles & descriptions
  • Pin titles & descriptions 
  • Text overlay 

If you want to learn more about how to find keywords and where to use them, head over to this blog post. 

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    Create Scroll Stopping Images! 

    In order to get someone to click over into your world, you have to get them to stop the scroll. Make sure you are using high quality images, keywords on the text overlay, and a strong CTA that entices the pinner to click through. 

    I recommend having professional brand photos done and/or professional product photos that you can use across all platforms. You can use different angles of the photos to make them appear different on Pinterest. 

    If professional photos aren’t in your budget quite yet, I recommend using a photo editing app like Lightroom or using high quality stock photos. Canva pro is great for this! 

    Optimize Your Website! 

    Once someone lands on your website, what is the user experience like? Here are some things to consider:

    • Use ads sparingly 
    • Make sure your site speed meets Google standards 
    • Make sure you always have an opportunity for someone to optin 
    • Use a CTA on your blog post that gets them to do more within your ecosystem
    • Include at least one pinnable image so the user can save and share your post
    • Use social buttons so they can easily navigate to your Pinterest account
    • Have an about page and contact page so they can easily learn more 

    Use your analytics! 

    Analytics aren’t just there for kicks and giggles. You want to actually dig into them every month to know what’s working and what’s not. 

    Look at your top performing pins and analyze what it is about those pins that got people to click. Was it the keywords you used? Was it the image or the colors you used? Do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t. 

    If you want to learn more about how to use analytics, head over to my most recent blog How to Use and Understand Pinterest Analytics. 

    There you have it! My top 6 tips for how to increase your Pinterest traffic and gain more clients. 

    If you are looking to uplevel your Pinterest marketing strategy but don’t know where to start, schedule a free discovery call today! 

    Happy Pinning!