What to do if your Pinterest Analytics keep dropping

What To Do If Your Pinterest Analytics Keep Dropping

You’ve been on Pinterest for a while and all of a sudden you realize your analytics are dropping. Now what?

You start to panic, you question whether Pinterest is broken, and you start to ponder throwing in the towel all together. 

STOP!! Take a deep breath! Pinterest is not broken and please do NOT throw in the towel. 

In this post, I share some of my top secret tips to saving your Pinterest account and what to do if your Pinterest analytics keep dropping. 

Track Pinterest and Google Analytics 

If you are looking at your Pinterest or GA (Google Analytics) right now and are in panic mode, the first thing I want you to do is open a Google Sheets and plug in data for the last five months for saves, outbound clicks, sessions, and page views. 

After that, I want you to compare your analytics month over month. Have your analytics actually dropped over the last five months or have they just dropped from last month to this month? 

If it is just a drop from last month to this month, I want you to realize that Pinterest stats can and will ebb and flow all year long. This is NORMAL. 

Continue to track your stats like this for next month. If they go back up, great, if they keep going down, keep reading. 

Also….if you’re looking at your analytics for the last five months and see that stats have continuously dropped over the last 5 months then read on. 

What to do if your Pinterest Analytics keep dropping

Check Your Keywords 

Pinterest is a search engine meaning users find your content based on keywords. If you don’t have a solid keyword strategy in place, this may be the reason you’re seeing a drop in website traffic. 

Make sure you have optimized your account using keywords. If you’re not sure where to use keywords, be sure to check out my post 6 Places You Should be Using Keywords on Pinterest.

If you’re still confused about how to find keywords, you can also check out my post Pinterest Keywords for Beginners.

As Pinterest grows, it has become a more and more competitive platform meaning in order to stand out and rank in search you need a solid keyword strategy in place. 

Go ahead and check all the places, especially your pin descriptions and pin titles and see if that may be the issue. 

Check Your Pin Images 

Pinterest is a visual search engine! People scroll through hundreds of pins to find solutions to their problems. If your pin images aren’t optimized, users will most likely scroll right past. 

When you are creating pin images be sure to include the following:

  • 2:3 ratio (1,000 x 1,500 px) is the recommended size 
  • Have a clear image. Use stock photos or have professional photos taken. 
  • Include a CTA (call to action) such as “Download Now” or “Grab The Guide”
  • Keyword rich text overlay describing your pin. 
  • Easy to read. Use minimal script fonts. 
  • Includes branding

Idea Pins

Idea pins are super HOT right now! If you’re looking to improve your stats. Give idea pins a try. 

You can learn more about idea pins here or feel free to check out my post 3 Types of Pins You Should Be Creating On Pinterest

Create New Blogs, Freebies or Products

Pinterest is all about fresh content right now. They really want content creators like yourself to be pushing out as much fresh content as possible. 

So if you’re seeing a drop in stats try creating a new blog post, optin or product and push it out onto Pinterest with several pin images. 

Deep dive into Pinterest and GA (again)

The next step is to dive back into Pinterest and GA to see what’s working and what’s not. 

On Pinterest, you want to look at your top pins to see what’s getting the most outbound clicks. Analyze those pins. Checkout the pin images and keywords. Are there any commonalities among the pins that have high outbound clicks?

Head over to GA and do the same. More often than not, the pins will be the same but there will be some additional pins as well. 

Then take a look at the pins that didn’t do so hot. Again analyze what might be going on. 

You want to do more of what’s doing well and less of what’s not. 

What to do if your Pinterest Analytics keep dropping
What to do if your Pinterest Analytics keep dropping

Review Your Pinterest Strategy 

Gone are the days of pinning a bunch of other peoples content. While you can still pin highly relevant content from other people, you really want to focus on your content. 

Make sure you are also creating enough fresh pins each month. Every time you publish a new blog, create a few pins that you can push out onto the platform. 

So there you have it! Pinterest is NOT broken, you may just need to adjust and fine tune your strategy. 

Need more guidance or ready to hand over your monthly management? Schedule a free consultation call to see if a strategy call, coaching or monthly Pinterest management is right for you. 

Happy pinning,