Learn where you can drive traffic to from pinterest and how

Where Can I Drive Traffic to From Pinterest and How?

As a female entrepreneur, there are so many ways you can market your business. You can have a blog, create content on IG, offer freebies, have a facebook group and so much more but the question is, how exactly do you get more eyes on all of this amazing content you are already creating for all of these platforms? PINTEREST!

Pinterest is an extremely powerful search engine that allows you to drive traffic to all of the ‘things’ you are already pouring your heart and soul into month over month, year over year. 

So what exactly can you drive traffic to from Pinterest and how?

Optins/Freebies/Lead Magnets

Whatever you choose to call it, optins, freebies, or lead magnets are a great place to drive traffic. This is the number one way most of my clients have been able to grow their email list. 

Create pins with a strong CTA such as “grab your free guide” or “Download your freebie” and in the description provide some background as to what they will be getting when they are opting in. 

It is important that you create landing pages that have enough substance for someone to optin. Remember that most people coming from Pinterest will be a cold audience. They have no clue who you are and they most likely won’t just toss over their email without knowing a little bit about you. Be sure to include a short bio about you, some testimonials, and details about what they will be getting once they optin. 

Speaking of FREEBIES, feel free to grab my free guide for getting started on Pinterest.

Podcast Episodes 

Whether you have your own podcast or you are a guest on someone else’s podcast, I highly recommend creating pins that link back to each episode. 

You can create video pins that capture a short sound clip from the episode or you can create static pins that show a sound wave to signal to your audience that they are about to be directed to a podcast. People like to know where they are headed. I recommend including a CTA such as “Listen now to learn more” or “download the episode now.”

Blog Posts

Blog posts not only increase the SEO on your website but they also help to build authority. When someone lands on your website, a blog allows someone to instantly learn more about you and your knowledge base about the topic at hand. 

When my daughter was born, we were really struggling with sleep and I was on a mad dash to find a solution. Of course, I went to Pinterest and I was directed to different blog posts and two of which led me to buying sleep training courses because I was able to experience the know, like and trust factor just by reading some blogs. 

Blogging is not dead by any means and in fact, I think it has only grown over the past year. The best part, blogs are a great way to embed freebies and other links that lead to email sign up and sales. 

Products/ Courses

If you feel like you’re not getting eyes on your products, Pinterest is a great way to start driving more traffic. 

Create pins with images of your products and deliberately point out how this product is a solution to someone’s problem. “How to Get Baby to Sleep 8 Hours Through The Night” is what sold me on buying one of the sleep training courses a little over a year ago. I was a desperate mom needing sleep and that big bold text overlay on a pin was my answer so of course I clicked and was taken to a digital course.

You can also link directly to your homemade handsoaps, earrings, or TpT store to drive traffic to those products as well.

5 places you can drive traffic to from pinterest

Youtube Videos

YouTube is rapidly growing as the second largest search engine and more and more businesses are hopping on the train of creating more video content. If that is you, why not create some pins that direct your audience to your YouTube Videos. 

You can take a clip directly from the YouTube video and put it on Pinterest or you can take a static image and insert the YouTube icon to signal to your audience that they will soon be directed to that video. 

You can also repurpose YouTube videos for Idea Pins. Give a short little tutorial or step-by-step directions by grabbing clips from your larger video. My friend Heather Farris does a great job of this so be sure to check out her Pinterest profile here.

Other Options

There are SO many places you can drive traffic to from Pinterest. Above are some of my favorites but some other places that you may not have thought about include IG, your Facebook groups, about me page, sales page, services page, and more. 

If you are already spending hours creating content for these other platforms, why not start driving traffic to them from Pinterest. 

If you want to learn more about how to use Pinterest for business, schedule a discovery call today!